Tax regulations constantly change, but your financial goals don’t have to. Davidson, Doyle & Hilton offers the advice you need to continue on a path toward success. Our experienced professionals can alert you to challenges and present lesser-known opportunities to grow your business and personal wealth. Our strategy is to work with the tax code, not against it, to maximize savings and give you peace of mind.

Personal Tax Consulting

• Personal tax return review
• Pension fund review
• Alternative minimum tax (AMT) evaluation
• Tax credits and incentives for individuals
• Personal tax estimates and projections

BusinessTax Consulting

• Corporate tax return review
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Inventory and accounting methods
• Alternative minimum tax (AMT) evaluation
• Tax credits and incentives for businesses
• Succession planning
• Manufacturing deductions
• Leasehold improvements
• Cost segregation studies

Estate Tax Consulting

• Estate/trust tax return and document review
• Estate/trust tax estimates and projections
o Tax credits and incentives for estate/gift taxes
o Gifting strategies
o Alternative minimum tax (AMT) evaluation
o Fair market valuations

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